In Home Personal Training in Miami


When I first started working with Max, I could hardly do a push-up. After just one month I began to see a huge difference in the tone of my body. Now, I can do any exercise Max asks me to and I never get bored. He is constantly changing my workouts to keep them challenging, fun, and relevant. Max is patient, energetic, and knowledegable. He has been able to completely transform my body in just a few months!

Estee G. (Miami Beach)


Max Bruni is an excellent physical trainer. Max was able to help me achieve my physical fitness and weight loss goals and at the same time help me to rehabilitate an injured shoulder. Max’s knowledge of the human anatomy is exceptional. He was able to put together a training program that worked around my injury, using only muscles that would aid in my rehabilitation while accomplishing all of my fitness goals. I highly recommend his services.

Mike O. (Miami Beach)


Max is an amazing trainer. Years ago, I used to weigh 250lbs. Due to an unfortunate sickness of the stomach, I rapidly lost 70lbs. The weight loss affected me in many ways. From my diet, to everyday living and even my posture. Immediately, my muscles started to atrophy. Thanks to Max, I have completely re-built my body. My diet has improved, my posture has improved and everyday living is much easier.

Loris N. (Miami Beach)


I have been training with Max since 2011.

Until then I had been working out regularly but without real plans or goals. After a couple of coaching sessions Max was already able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop a specific program.

Although I don’t live in Miami and I am not able to train with him on a constant basis, I was still able to achieve great results following his advice and guidance.

Max did not just provide a training routine, but also helped me understanding the criteria of my specific program and why it was helping me reaching my specific fitness goals. This provided me with great motivation and sense of purpose. Within two years my overall fitness has greatly improved both in functional as well as body composition terms.

Also I gained much more knowledge which allowed me to better manage my fitness when training by myself and take the maximum benefit out of the training sessions whenever I get a chance to train with Max.

Federica C. (Rome)


Max is one of the best gifts I could have given myself. During my training months with him, I saw my body slowly but surely transform itself into a vessel of good health and fitness. He helped me to not only change my perspective on how we treat one’s body, but he also showed me how you can really get in the best shape ever – both mentally and physically speaking. From day-to-day nutrition tips to challenging yet rewarding workout routines, I learned so much. His ongoing encouragement every step of the way (“Don’t give up!” “You’re doing great!”) was that extra bit of motivation I needed in my life. As a result, three months later I have slimmed down 16 lbs and feel better than ever. Max is simply that one opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

Maira O. (Brickell)


I highly recommend Max Bruni! He is very good and patient while at the same time really getting results and keeping you from getting bored. He does a very thorough evaluation and sets you on a plan that allows you to not only feel the results but you can see your progress towards your goals. It’s amazing and really helps to keep you focused on the “prize”.

F. Elements of Touch (Miami)



Since I just completed my first set of training sessions with you, I wanted to take a few minutes to say “Thank-You!”.

I have really appreciated the approach you have taken with my training…including the following:

  • Taking the time to understand my “goals” for the sessions.
  • Understanding my physical situation (i.e. temporary back issues) and performing periodic analysis to review my progress.
  • Explaining the training and exercises (goals, muscle use, proper form, etc) to me and answering all of my questions.
  • Working with me to find the right exercise program for my lifestyle (lots of work travel without access to gyms or weights).
  • Concern about how certain exercises are affecting me, adjusting the program as required, and regular follow-up.
  • Motivating me to reach some goals (body fat, weight, overall health) that I didn’t think were possible. Now I know they ARE possible!

My family, friends, work colleagues and I have all noticed the physical (and “mental”) changes this training has helped bring about. I am feeling GREAT. When they ask me “how are you doing it” I tell them I am under a training program with Max Bruni, Miami Personal Training.

You have provided me with goods tools and motivation throughout these training sessions. I do know that the real work continues to be up to me…and I am motivated to keep making the gains I have made working with you so will be signing up for another set of sessions.


Doug F. (Miami Beach)


I have a very busy schedule and I always forget to take care of myself when it comes to exercising and my diet. In July 2012 my weight was 208 lbs, and I was unable to lose weight.

After meeting Max, I decided to start an exercise program with him. Today August 2013 my weight is 163 lbs. I feel that my life has changed completely! I’m always full of energy, and I actually eat more than before only healthier.

After a year my lifestyle has changed completely. If I don’t exercise it seems like I’m missing something. The way I’m eating now doesn’t feel like I’m dieting. Before I was always eating breads, pastas and desserts. Now with a healthier diet, I don’t crave that kind of food and feel much better.

I would like to thank Max for giving me the opportunity to change my lifestyle with very little effort.

Thanks Max. Good job!!!!!

Paolo D.P. (Miami Beach)


My name is Monica, and I have 2 kids – ages 3 and 1.

My weight was always an issue as you can imagine after 2 kids until finally I got to 235lbs.

I tried different things like Isaginex, but nothing worked. Six months ago I met Massimiliano, and I decided to start working out with him. I had never exercised in my life. Today my weight is 158 lbs, and I keep losing weight every month without losing the energy I need to raise 2 kids and work. Now I’m eating much healthier, and I exercise 3-4 times a week when I can. These past months I was super busy, and I didn’have time to exercise as much but my body weight dropped another 7 lbs. This is amazing!!!!

Thanks to my husband for convincing me to stay away from Isaginex and all those kinds of things and meet with Massimiliano instead.

Thanks Max for changing my lifestyle!!!! I will keep working hard while enjoying it.

Monica L. (Miami Beach)


I called Max because when I started working out by myself I injured my shoulders. Max, after a full screening suggested me a program to improve my posture which had a benefit on all my body. My pain was gone after few sessions and I was able to get stronger quickly reaching the definition I always dreamed!

Dario R. Trento (Italy)


I contracted to train with Max at the beginning of July 2013. I am certain that if not for Max and his excellent & expert training advice, I could have quite possibly injured myself very badly. It was his professional & expert eye that caught these problems, and he immediately set out to remedy them. This has now set me up for long term training success. Thanks Max for your help!

Kevin R. Clements (Miami, FL)


Max is an amazing trainer! He customizes each workout plan and diet to meet your personal goals. If you follow his workout diet plan you will see results. It’s challenging (in a good way), but he really motivates you to give it your all. Max is very professional and has a vast knowledge of the body and it’s physical capabilities. I would highly recommend training with him.

Monique N. (New York City, NY)


I recommend Max wholeheartedly. Max is very good at diet management and supervision, which allows clients to reach their weight loss goals in a way they never could on their own. In addition, the workouts are completely targeted to the client’s specific physical needs and conditions. Most importantly, Max gives complete focus and dedication to all his personal training work. You will not be disappointed.

Noah H.B. (New York City, NY)


recently had the need (and pleasure) to work with Miami Personal Training. I was preparing to take a very physically demanding test and was in need of some major work to get in shape. My trainer was able to evaluate my beginning point and create a very specialized plan to get me in the best shape possible. Did I mention that I only gave him about 5 weeks? They did an amazing job!

They built a progressive plan including endurance training as well as strength training. When I started out I could run for about 30 minutes and do only 7 to 10 pushups, I also had a higher than normal body fat content. By the end of the 5 week program my runs were stronger and for longer duration. I can now do 25 – 30 continuous pushups (maintaining good form) and my body fat is much closer to where it should be. Needless to say, I performed much better at my test than I could have possibly done without Miami Personal Training’s help. My trainer was very encouraging and honest. He kept in contact with me at regular intervals and pushed me to do my best. I’m happy to say that my 2nd Degree Black Belt test was a success and I’m looking forward to continuing my training for my 3rd Degree!

Ronda F. (Miami)


I have been training with Miami Personal Training since October 2009. From the very first session I was impressed with the focus, all-around knowledge and the ability to tailor the most appropriate training regime depending on the goals, health and abilities.

When I started working with my trainer, I was healing a disc injury on my lower back and I was suffering major flexibility problems as a result of many months of limited mobility and back pain. He immediately identified the improvement of my lower body flexibility as the first and primary objective and quickly developed a targeted stretching program. At the same time he started a cycle of high intensity total body training to bring up my fitness level and endurance.

I have worked with many good personal trainers in the last 10 years, however I consider Miami Personal Training the most complete and professional services I have ever received of all due to the strong technical background and the ability to provide safe and diverse approaches to fitness and sport performance goals.

They are literally able to turn any residential fitness room or outdoor space into a suitable training area. They are always on time and the customer service is second to none.

I have recommended Miami Personal Training to several friends at the golf club and they were all extremely happy!

Luca P. (Miami Beach)


I managed to lose 24 lbs and gain muscles at the same time. I did this by following religiously the nutrition program and personal training sessions provided by Miami Personal Training. By using the advice on the program. My strength also increased very quickly; deadlifts and squats soon became my friends. I managed to double my starting lifts within a few months.

Now I have lost the fat and gained some muscle I intend to build on that over the next year and pack on some more muscle.

Robert J.


I’m a 32 year old lawyer. Before I started working out with Miami Personal Training, my life was sedentary and my weight was 166 lbs. I had lower back pain and neck pain. I felt tired every day and I had low energy. From the beginning my trainer gave me some great tips and little by little I changed my lifestyle and my diet with the nutrition and back pain with sport therapy services. It was much easier than I thought it would be. After 8 months I lost 16 pounds, and all my pains are gone! Now I feel great, I am stronger and I can work 12 hours a day without being tired. I can only say…Thank you Miami Personal Training!

Gian Luca B. (Trento, Italy)


I contracted to train with Miami Personal Training at the beginning of July 2013. I am certain that if not for my trainer and his excellent & expert training advice, I could have quite possibly injured myself very badly. It was the professional & expert eye that caught these problems, and immediately set out to remedy them. This has now set me up for long term training success. Thanks Miami Personal Training for your help!

Kevin C.