The objective at Miami Personal Training is to provide the most effective custom nutrition plans for our exclusive clientele based on their goals. We deliver results with our proven system comprised of four fundamental components: assess, design, execute and monitor. In order to achieve your goals, we assess your current nutrition and take advantage of the latest laboratory testing that can help to reach your goals quicker. Our comprehensive consultations allows us to design the best plan for your individual needs.

PHASE 1: Assess

During your nutrition assessment, we will review your medical history, nutrition habits, supplements and perform some laboratory analysis from the comfort of your home.

PHASE 2: Design

With the information collected during the assessment, we build the best nutrition program to meet your own specific goals in the fastest way possible.

PHASE 3: Execute

We discuss your custom nutrition plan and provide the highest quality supplements needed to support your overall health and reach your goals.

Contact us now and we will help bring about the change you have long been seeking.