Our goal is to provide the highest level of customized fitness training program designed for each individual client’s goals, needs, lifestyle and starting point. We deliver results with our proven system comprised of three fundamental components – assess, design, execute. Our comprehensive fitness assessments allows us to design the best plan for your individual needs. Now all that’s left is for you to commit and execute!

PHASE 1: Assess

In this phase we will provide you with a health assessment to get a handle on your posture, body composition, muscular imbalance, medical and training history and current fitness levels. At this stage we evaluate with you which services beyond fitness training we can incorporate into your program.

PHASE 2: Design

In combination with the other services assigned to you we design the most effective nutrition, training and stress relief plan which are realized by different experts in their own field.

PHASE 3: Execute

Put the strategies into action. Proper nutrition, fitness training, stress reduction and delicious meals with additional motivation and support will help you to get into the best shape of your life and maintaining it. We also improve other areas of your wellness such as posture, reducing risk of injuries and feeling great.