My Weight Was 208lbs… Today It Is 163lbs!

I have a very busy schedule and I always forget to take care of myself when it comes to exercising and my diet. In July 2012 my weight was 208 lbs, and I was unable to lose weight.

After meeting Max, I decided to start an exercise program with him. Today August 2013 my weight is 163 lbs. I feel that my life has changed completely! I’m always full of energy, and I actually eat more than before only healthier.
After a year my lifestyle has changed completely. If I don’t exercise it seems like I’m missing something. The way I’m eating now doesn’t feel like I’m dieting. Before I was always eating breads, pastas and desserts. Now with a healthier diet, I don’t crave that kind of food and feel much better.

I would like to thank Max for giving me the opportunity to change my lifestyle with very little effort.

Thanks Max. Good job!!!!!

Paolo D.P. (Miami Beach)