I gained much more knowledge.

I have been training with Max since 2011.

Until then I had been working out regularly but without real plans or goals. After a couple of coaching sessions Max was already able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop a specific program.

Although I don’t live in Miami and I am not able to train with him on a constant basis, I was still able to achieve great results following his advice and guidance.

Max did not just provide a training routine, but also helped me understanding the criteria of my specific program and why it was helping me reaching my specific fitness goals. This provided me with great motivation and sense of purpose. Within two years my overall fitness has greatly improved both in functional as well as body composition terms.

Also I gained much more knowledge which allowed me to better manage my fitness when training by myself and take the maximum benefit out of the training sessions whenever I get a chance to train with Max.

Federica C. (Rome)