1. Eating Well is Easier Than You Think!

    Exercise alone won’t help you to reach  your weight loss goals. Although exercise is a key part of reaching your weight loss goals, you can’t expect to lose weight if you don’t adjust your diet as well. That is because the calories expended during exercise are relatively low when compared to the calories you will save by replacing sodas, chips and cookies with water, broccol…Read More

  2. Let Us Help You Overcome Your Biggest Fitness Obstacles

    There's no doubt about it, getting in shape is difficult.  There will be many bumps on the road to fitness, and for many, those bumps are enough to make them give up and quit. If you feel like you've tried again and again to get into great shape, but you just can't seem to get past all of your fitness obstacles, then you will be glad to know that Miami Personal Training can help. We offer in home…Read More