1. Body Mass Index

    What’s Your BMI (Body Mass Index)?

    The Body Mass Index, or BMI is a popular calculation which uses your height and weight to attempt to estimate your percentage of body fat. The result can tell you whether you’re underweight, normal, overweight or obese. Thanks to its simplicity and speed, it’s a calculation that’s very popular within the medical profession. It’s also a relatively easy way to notice those possible weight is…Read More

  2. Man seated

    5 Tips on How to Avoid Obesity

    Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in recent decades.  There is a strong association with obesity and with heart disease, stroke, hypertension, type II diabetes, and cancer. Together, these conditions are considered some of the most threatening to longevity and in many cases, they occur all at the same time.  Listed ahead are some details about how obesity can affect and harm your qua…Read More

  3. How to improve training for enhanced fat loss

    With the increased awareness of significance of effective training in fat loss in our body, more and more people are involved in regular trainings. In an eagerness to lose fat as fast as possible, sometimes you may end up doing training like weights in a wrong way. This not only harms your general body function, but also can counteract in your fat loss mission as well. There are some crucial facto…Read More

  4. How Fish oil is beneficial for a healthy body

    Researches over many years proved that fish oil is highly beneficial for a healthy body, which also helps to burn fat. Unlike other oils this don’t turn to fat and thus helps making muscles in our body in the healthiest way. It plays an important role in improving the metabolic rates and insulin sensitivity, which are crucial for a healthy body. It is indeed advisable to increase the intake of f…Read More

  5. Some effective and essential fat-loss tips

    Everybody is aware of the importance of eating right and wise for a healthy lifestyle. Especially the alarming rise in lifestyle diseases calls for emergency action by making corrective measures in eating habits. Most of us are indulging in unhealthy or junk food even while knowing its hazardous effects. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is paramount to take appropriate measures to incl…Read More

  6. Benefits of Deadlift Training

    Deadlift training is very popular among health enthusiasts who wants to improve muscle strength in both upper and lower body. If practiced properly, it can enhance muscle building while improving muscle strength of all main muscle groups in your body. Besides it work for both upper and lower body, it enhances strengthening of whole back and its adjacent muscles. Deadlift is one of the most effecti…Read More

  7. Eating Well is Easier Than You Think!

    Exercise alone won’t help you to reach  your weight loss goals. Although exercise is a key part of reaching your weight loss goals, you can’t expect to lose weight if you don’t adjust your diet as well. That is because the calories expended during exercise are relatively low when compared to the calories you will save by replacing sodas, chips and cookies with water, broccol…Read More

  8. Let Us Help You Overcome Your Biggest Fitness Obstacles

    There's no doubt about it, getting in shape is difficult.  There will be many bumps on the road to fitness, and for many, those bumps are enough to make them give up and quit. If you feel like you've tried again and again to get into great shape, but you just can't seem to get past all of your fitness obstacles, then you will be glad to know that Miami Personal Training can help. We offer in home…Read More

  9. The Truth About Carbs

    The latest fad in the nutrition world is to eliminate completely carbohydrates such as bread, rice and other starchy foods from our diet to lose weight. Many do lose weight thinking that it is the result of eliminating the “devil carbohydrates”, while if we look at the current research and behavioral changes, we can see that reasons in reality are others and that carbohydrates are an essential…Read More

  10. Is Alcohol Counterproductive for Weight Loss?

    To drink or not to drink that is the question? Are you gaining body fat around your mid-section? Do you wake up in the middle of the night or wake up feeling tired? These are questions that you must ask yourself when it comes to alcohol consumption. Many people are trying to be healthy by drinking 1-2 servings of alcohol a day. Doctors are encouraging their patients to have a few glasses of wine w…Read More